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The first thing many people want to know when thinking about buying a home security system is “how much does it cost”? Well Frontpoint’s pricing model is very simple- it costs what you want it to cost.


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Frontpoint offers a variety of packages, everything from entry level systems suitable for moderate security situations all the way up to heavy duty high-security solutions that would be the envy of many financial institutions, and if none of those packages are exactly what you need, Frontpoint allows you to build your own package, choosing from dozens of components to fit your precise security needs. So the real question you have to ask yourself is “how much of your budget do you want to devote to a home security solution?”, because the chances are that Frontpoint has exactly what you need, and Frontpoint costs what you want it to cost.


The starting package, called the Safehouse, begins at $99 and comes with everything you need to secure your home at a basic level. The package includes:

Package includes
The Frontpoint Hub & Keypad-
The command center for every Frontpoint system, the Hub is the “brains” of your Frontpoint system, and the Keypad is what makes it go. Both are pre-programmed and readily connect to your home network and devices without any extra work on your part. They use a completely cellular connection with onboard Wi-Fi backup with no messy phone lines. The system is damage resistant and comes enabled with a 24-hour backup battery pre-installed, so you don’t need to fear temporary power outages.
2 Door/Window Sensors-
The focal point of every security system, these motion-sensitive detectors are easily installed on any door or window in your house, wherever you feel your home is most vulnerable. These sensors connect directly to your Frontpoint Hub and will immediately alert you anytime the monitored door or window opens.
1 Motion Sensor-
Indoor motion sensors, easily controlled from your Frontpoint Keypad can make all the difference in the event that an intruder gets into your house. You can rest easy, knowing if anything moves when or where it shouldn’t, you’ll know about it. And you don’t have to worry about accidentally setting off your motion sensors, as they are easily disabled using your Frontpoint Keypad or Frontpoint app.
1 FREE Doorbell Camera-
One of the greatest innovations in home security and one of the most popular Frontpoint security products, the Frontpoint Doorbell Camera is tailor-made for today’s smart homes. The Frontpoint Doorbell Camera not only allows you to see who is at your door, it also lets people know they are being watched when approaching your house. Porch piracy is the fastest growing crime in America, and doorbell cameras are the best way to fight this crime. Whether you’re home or away, the Frontpoint Doorbell Camera monitors everyone that comes to your door, and in the event you have a package stolen, the footage from your doorbell camera can be a vital tool in finding those responsible and recovering your stolen items.
1 Frontpoint Home Defense Kit-
Most criminals that even suspect you have a home security system will keep moving, preferring easier pickings. That’s where the Frontpoint Home Defense Kit comes in- Including a high quality 10 x 10 inch bright green yard sign letting everyone know that your house is protected by the award winning Frontpoint home defense system. If potential burglars don’t see that, you also get a set of 3 window decals to place on your most vulnerable doors and windows. The kit also comes with conspicuous green door stickers that will once again warn anybody attempting a break-in that your home is under the protection of Frontpoint.

THE BUNKER- $15.34/ Month

Frontpoint’s next step up from the base package is “The Bunker”, and can be had for as low as $15.34 / month. The Bunker provides even greater protection at a very affordable cost for you and your family, with everything you would get from the safehouse, in addition to extra door and window sensors, plus advanced smart home technology that can learn your normal patterns and alert you when something is not right. In addition, it also offers:

Package includes
1 Indoor Camera-
Otherwise known as a “nanny cam”, indoor cameras have revolutionized the protection industry in recent years, offering high quality, real-time footage of what’s going on in your home. Indoor cameras are an invaluable tool if you have children home by themselves, pets, or an older relative that needs looking after, allowing you to check in on them any time day or night. No one with vulnerable relatives or pets at home should be without an indoor camera to monitor their safety.
1 Smoke and Heat Sensor-
So much more than a smoke detector, Frontpoint’s smoke and heat sensor can not only detect the presence of smoke or fire in the home, it can automatically alert authorities. In other words, if you are one of the millions who will be unfortunate enough to suffer a fire in your home this year, Frontpoint’s smart sensors will call the fire department before you even know about it, giving you and your family a better chance to survive and save your home.

THE FORTRESS- $19.31/Month

The most comprehensive and cost-effective package, “The Fortress” truly lives up to it’s name, offering all the same components as “The Bunker”, it goes for only $19.31 / month, but comes with 6 door/window sensors, along with 2 motion sensors, allowing you to safeguard even more of your house. This package is especially good for those with larger homes, or houses with more windows or doors than others. Furthermore, it comes with the highest level of professional monitoring from Frontpoint’s highly rated, 24/7 security support personnel, ensuring that if you aren’t able to watch your home, someone else will. Frontpoint’s monitoring package comes with hourly security sweeps to confirm your security equipment is online and working, Frontpoint’s industry-leading dispatch times also make sure that in the event that your home comes under attack, help will never be far away.


Don’t see the system that’s perfect for you? Try building your own package. Frontpoint offers customers the opportunity to build their own security system based on their individual needs. Maybe you need more door and window monitors, maybe you want more indoor cameras, maybe you need two or more doorbell cameras- Whatever fits your needs, Frontpoint is committed to making it a reality at the lowest possible cost point for the customer. Frontpoint offers dozens of components you can use to configure your home security system to perfectly fit your needs, and any additional components can be added to an existing package at any time, allowing you to configure your system at whatever price point you need. Other available components include:

components include
Glass Break Sensors- $1.81 / Month-
Most home intruders don’t come in through doors, they come in through windows- closed and locked windows. Glass break sensors will alert your Frontpoint Security Hub that something isn’t right and will immediately alert you and authorities, not to mention sounding an alarm that will scare away anyone trying to enter your home.
Outdoor Cameras- $4.84 / Month –
Do you have outdoor valuables that need to be watched over? Frontpoint has a solution for that. With our state-of-the-art Outdoor security cameras, your yard is never out of the watchful eye of Frontpoint’s award winning monitoring team, and no unauthorized activity or visitors will slip by without notice, day or night. For the average home with three doors, you could monitor every one for less than $15 a month!
Frontpoint Premium Indoor Camera- $4.84 / Month –
Need more from an indoor camera than just monitoring? Frontpoint has you covered. With a bluetooth speaker, two-way audio communication and 1080p HD resolution all available from your Frontpoint app, you can communicate via two-way speaker with anyone within hearing distance of your camera
Garage Door Tilt Sensors- $1.09 / Month –
No one ever said criminals weren’t clever. They know doors and windows are often alarmed, but what about your garage? Worry no more with Frontpoint’s garage door tilt sensors- these sensors can detect anyone trying to force open your garage door, immediately sounding an alarm and ultimately deterring the burglar.
Flood Sensors- $1.09 / Month –
Flooding can be a costly problem when home appliances such as washing machines or hot water heaters malfunction, and you could be in for an expensive disaster if it happens while you’re away. But you need not worry with Frontpoint’s patented flood sensors, as you will be alerted at the first sign of trouble.
Carbon Monoxide Detectors- $2.18 / Month-
Much like Frontpoint’s heat/smoke sensors, our carbon monoxide detectors can alert you and authorities to unsafe air in your home before it’s too late. Carbon monoxide poisoning can result in severe illness and even death, and many people often don’t notice it until it’s too late.
Smart Door Locks- $4.36 / Month –
– Frontpoint’s solution to lost keys, our Smart Door Locks let you use a customized access code to unlock your door not only in person but through your Frontpoint app from anywhere in the world. Whether you’re locked out or you need to let someone in while you’re at work, Frontpoint’s smart door locks make life that much easier for users.
Smart Thermostats- $4.84 / Month –
The Frontpoint Smart Thermostat lets you adjust your home’s temperature from anywhere using your Frontpoint app. It also enables users to set up automated heating and cooling schedules based on their own preferences, so if you want to wake up to a warmer house in the morning or come home to a cooler house in the evening, you can make it happen.
Wireless Light Controls- $1.21 / Month –
Frontpoint’s wireless light controls allow you to turn your lamps and other appliances off and on from anywhere using your Frontpoint app or through voice commands with your Amazone Alexa or Google Assistant. You can even adjust the brightness of your dimmer-switch enabled lights.
The Frontpoint Touchscreen- $3.63 / Month –
The Frontpoint Touchscreen is an HD tablet that allows you to manage all your Frontpoint smart devices remotely and easily from anywhere in your home. It readily pairs with your FrontpointHub via wifi, allowing you to arm or disarm your system, open and close your locks, turn your lights off and on, or control any of your other Frontpoint smart device. The touchscreen device also contains a panic button in case of emergency.
Frontpoint Keyfob- $0.77 / Month –
As convenient as carrying your keys, the Frontpoint Keyfob allows you to enable or disable your security system with a push of a button, as well as turning on your Frontpoint-connected wireless light controls. Simply attach the device to your keys and you can not only turn your alarm off with a single touch, you can also see to it that you never have to walk into a dark house.
Panic Pendant- $.097 / Month –
The Frontpoint Panic Pendant is perfect for older people or those who might find themselves suddenly unable to get around. Never again will you have to worry about being trapped in your own home with the Frontpoint Panic Pendant, as it is easily activated anywhere within 100 feet of your Frontpoint Hub, instantly connecting you to our award winning monitoring centers who can send help to your location with no delay.


For only $49.99 per month, Frontpoint’s Ultimate Monitoring Plan provides LTE cellular monitoring, superior to the connection offered in most DIY systems. Even better, there are no long term contracts as Frontpoint’s Ultimate Monitoring plan is on a strictly month-to-month basis, allowing you to cancel anytime with no additional cost.


The 100% free Frontpoint app gives you an easy way to control all of your Frontpoint enabled devices from your smart phone or tablet. In addition to controlling your devices, it also sends you real-time alerts from motion sensors, hazard sensors and more, all monitored round the clock through our professional monitoring plan.


It’s easy to see that Frontpoint has some of the most comprehensive home security options available from any company, starting at only $99. With so many packages and components to choose from, it is very easy to build the perfect home security solution configured specifically for your needs. Frontpoint takes pride in putting customers first, and that’s why we offer all these components à la carte, allowing Frontpoint to keep your costs as low as you need them to be. Only you know your home security needs, and no home security company can tell you what you do and don’t need. So if you see a package that fits your needs, that’s great. But if you don’t, you can add as many or as few components as you like to customize your experience and create the perfect system that meets all your needs and won’t cost you more than you want to pay.

Combine that with completely free shipping on all orders, a 3 year warranty on all components, Frontpoint’s award winning monitoring service and their 30 day risk-free money back guarantee that says if you don’t love any part of your Frontpoint system for any reason you need only return it for a full refund and you have nothing to lose by giving Frontpoint a try.