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Frontpoint Security Features

Safer Than Other Alarm Systems. In Every Way.

Intruders think they can destroy alarm devices and bypass the system. Not the case with Frontpoint’s Crash and Smash™ technology. Even if tampered with, our system still protects you.

100% wireless means burglars can’t disable the system.

Industry-leading 24-hour battery backup keeps you safe, even if the power goes out.

Whether it’s 110° or -10°, Frontpoint security systems keep on working.

We don’t stop with burglars. From fires to floods, we’re always on alert.

Frontpoint is built to be responsive and efficient whenever an emergency occurs. Each year, we service thousands of tripped home alarms and panic button distress signals. We take tremendous pride in our rapid response levels and always keep you and your family in good hands.

Privacy Is Paramount.

Our track record with consumer privacy, surveillance spying, and unauthorized data sharing is pristine. Frontpoint respects every aspect of your life and believes that all customers should be free from suspicious behavior with their service providers.

Cut Above 24/7 Professional Monitoring.

We take pride in running a status check on your system panel and sensor connectivity every hour, every day.  Receive an extra layer of protection with our award-winning monitoring technology. If an intruder tries to destroy your Frontpoint alarm system, they won’t be able to destroy the capability of our response and dispatch team.

We have a direct line to emergency responders — so help is never far away.

Frontpoint’s technology centers and monitoring teams are world-class. All agents are professionally trained and continuously coached on expert emergency response.

Let Frontpoint save you up to 20% on your homeowner’s insurance. And that’s each and every year.

No Long-Term Commitments.

We won’t cost you an arm and a leg to receive the best in smart home technology and around-the-clock home security protection.

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