How does an alarm system keep you safe, you may wonder. While an alarm can’t make police get to your house any faster, what it can do is deter. Any criminal that sets off an alarm when breaking into a home will immediately panic. His first thoughts are about the police, getting caught, going to jail- And the last thing he wants to do is finish breaking in.


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A better question is why not? In today’s world, an alarm system is sometimes all that stands between your family and tragedy. Average police response times can be more than 5 minutes depending on where you live, and a lot can happen in 5 minutes- and that’s if you notice an intruder coming into your home in time to call someone. And what if you’re away? Without an alarm system, an intruder could potentially break in and search your house top to bottom, stealing or damaging valuables and irreplaceable heirlooms.

How does an alarm system keep you safe, you may wonder. While an alarm can’t make police get to your house any faster, what it can do is deter. Any criminal that sets off an alarm when breaking into a home will immediately panic. His first thoughts are about the police, getting caught, going to jail- And the last thing he wants to do is finish breaking in.


There are hundreds of companies out there that will sell you an alarm system, and many of them are good, high quality systems. Some are more expensive than others, which doesn’t always mean better, and some have good monitoring plans, some don’t. But how many of them are affordable, use the highest quality components? How many arrive with free delivery, easy DIY instructions and a 24/7 help line if you experience any trouble in installation, AND include a 30 day money back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied? Just one: Frontpoint.

Frontpoint handles security so you can have the peace of mind to do what matters in life. From round the clock monitoring service to fully customizable alarm systems you design to fit your needs and budget, Frontpoint has you covered with a vast array of only the finest components available in the home security market today to keep your home or business safe. Each Frontpoint security system is unique to the user and their home or business, and with a full moneyback guarantee, you have nothing to lose.


The keystone of any home alarm system, Frontpoint’s door and window sensors are small, sleek and powerful, plus they install easily with no tools or wiring required and connect wirelssly to your Frontpoint Hub. They excel at letting you know when a door or window is left open or potentially being broken into. They automatically send a wireless signal to your Frontpoint Hub, triggering an alarm that you or any intruders can’t miss. In the event you aren’t home when an alarm is triggered, an instant alert message is sent directly to your phone through the Frontpoint mobile app.

Frontpoint door and window sensors are so versatile, some users find alternative uses for them, such as securing medicine cabinets, safes, tool sheds or jewelry boxes- Anywhere a criminal may try to pry into, a Frontpoint door or window sensor can potentially help keep you safe.

Key specs of door and window sensors include: Wireless capability, easy installation, compatibility with Frontpoint security mobile app, high decibel alarms and up to 5 years of battery life.

The Frontpoint mobile app ensures you can control your door & window sensors from anywhere with your mobile device. They can easily be turned off and on when heading to bed or going out the door; A simple click on your phone saves you a trip back inside to check to make sure the alarm is on. A couple of touches disables your alarm when someone accidentally sets it off. Even the sensor’s battery status can be monitored via your app, so you never have to wonder if it’s time to change batteries or if they’re working properly.


What if someone manages to evade your door or window sensors and slips inside your home? Well Frontpoint’s top-of-the-line motion sensors make sure that nothing moves inside your home without being noticed. With a 90 degree area of field of view and a 40 foot range, these sensors can monitor any room or space in your house when correctly positioned. What’s more, with built-in night vision technology, no one who makes their way inside can move around at any time, day or night, without triggering an alarm.

And never fear if you have pets- These sensors are pet friendly, with built-in smart technology that can distinguish between a playful pet and an uninvited guest

Also, Frontpoint security experts are always on hand day or night to help you figure out the most effective way to set up your motion sensors. Frontpoint motion sensors are ideal for large open spaces or areas with lots of windows, so they can take the place of multiple window sensors to make your home security setup that much simpler. And with the Frontpoint app, your wireless motion detectors integrate seamlessly with the rest of your home security system, allowing you to remotely access it, receive alarms and disable it when necessary.

Important Specs of Frontpoint Motion Sensors include: Easy peel-and-stick installation & complete wireless setup, self-monitoring battery & up to 5 years of battery life, high decibel alarm,


Anyone willing to break into a house is probably willing to break a window. When you think about how many windows you probably have in your home, it’s easy to see that protecting them is a big part of a comprehensive security system. Frontpoint’s glass break sensors use high tech pattern recognition technology to detect the sound of glass breaking anywhere within 20 feet and can instantly alert your Frontpoint security system and mobile app, as well as local authorities. And if there’s a false alarm, you can reset the sensor easily from your device.

Important specs of Glass Break sensors: Complete wireless setup, easy peel & stick setup, 3-year warranty, high decibel alarm, self-monitoring batteries with up to 5 years of life.


When the safety of your family is your first priority, smoke and heat sensors are absolutely essential. In the event of a smoke or fire emergency, every second matters. Frontpoint smoke & heat sensors are monitored by Frontpoint’s award winning 24/7 monitoring and will sound an alarm at the first hint of a fire, as well as automatically notifying local first responders to send help. Regular smoke alarms can only sound an alarm-, but Firstpoint Smoke and Heat Sensors call for help, leaving you to worry about what’s most important- getting your family to safety.


Criminals are crafty- They may know a house is protected by a security system, but what about your garage? Well, with Frontpoint’s garage door tilt sensors, your cars and valuables in the garage will be under the same watchful eye as the rest of your house. When armed, the sensor detects any tilt of more than 45 degrees and immediately sends an alert to your Frontpoint Hub and your smartphone via the Frontpoint app, letting your know something isn’t right and scaring intruders away with a high-decibel alarm. The smart sensor can also let you know if your garage door is left open longer than usual, since an exposed garage can leave your vehicle and other possessions vulnerable. Wireless and almost indestructible by normal means, Frontpoint’s garage door tilt sensors can’t be disarmed unless you want them to be.

Frontpoint’s garage door tilt sensors are completely wireless and have up to 5 years of battery life, plus they come with the same easy peel-and-stick install as your other Frontpoint products.


Carbon monoxide is an invisible killer- tasteless, odorless and deadly. If you have a carbon monoxide leak in your home, you may not detect it until it’s too late, but our sensors can do it in time to save you and your family. When the sensor detects a buildup of carbon monoxide, it will send an alert to your mobile device and to your Frontpoint Hub. A high decibel alarm will sound and Frontpoint will alert your local Fire Department to ensure the safety of you and your family. Carbon monoxide detectors are an absolute must in every sleeping area.

They feature a simple stick-on installation, professional 24/7 monitoring, a 3 year warranty, connectivity to Frontpoint’s Smart Security and your mobile app.


Imagine coming home to a hot water heater that malfunctioned and flooded your house while you were at work, or a flooded basement. Flooding can not only damage or destroy your appliances, it can also wreck your flooring and cause mold to grow, making your house a biohazard.

Frontpoint’s flood sensors detect water with two metal prongs located at the bottom of the sensor. When these prongs get wet, an alarm signal goes to your Frontpoint Hub. So a flood sensor in the basement, near appliances like sump pumps or washing machines or any other area that has the potential to be flooded makes great sense. With your Frontpoint flood sensor, you have a chance to act before disaster strikes.

Important Flood Sensor Specs Include: Complete wireless setup, corrosion-proof design, easy peel & stick installation, 10 year battery life, 3 year warranty, easy connectivity to Frontpoint App & smart security and seamless integration into your Frontpoint security system.


The brains of your Frontpoint security system, the Frontpoint hub is what makes it all go. Designed to be sleek and attractive, the Frontpoint hub replaces old style panels and is powered by Frontpoint’s advanced security technology and award winning 24/7 monitoring, connected via dual cellular and WiFi so your system won’t experience any connectivity issues in case cellular signal is spotty. Wireless connectivity keeps potential thieves from using the old “cut the phone line” tactic to disable security systems, and the Hub features a 24 hour certified backup battery so your home remains safe even in the event of a power outage.

The Frontpoint keypad allows you to control your system manually, in the event that you’re unable to use your mobile device. It allows you to assign up to 4 unique passwords, giving you the option to assign different passwords for visitors or guests. Some Frontpoint customers purchase additional keypads, keeping one by the back door, the garage door, even in the bedroom- anywhere in your home that helps ensure your safety is a good place to put a keypad. The Frontpoint Hub can support as many as 4 keypads at once.

The Frontpoint Hub & Keypad comes 100% pre-programmed and features a dual cellular/WiFi connectivity to keep you connected even when cell signal is sporadic. It also features a 24 hour backup battery and data encryption to keep you and your information safe in the event of a power outage. It connects directly to your Frontpoint mobile app and is the centerpiece of your smart home capabilities, allowing you to fully automate your home with reliable Frontpoint technology.

The Frontpoint hub supports up to 80 Frontpoint sensors of any kind and works with over 200 Frontpoint smart home devices. It can easily integrate with Amazon Alexa. It comes fully programmed and ready to connect to your network and Frontpoint security devices straight out of the box. Installation is as simple as can be, you only have to plug it in and turn it on. The keypad is 100% wireless and can be stuck to any wall or other surface with no tools or wiring needed.

The Frontpoint Hub interfaces immediately with your Frontpoint mobile app and allows you to control your entire system through your mobile device. Arm or disarm your system. Get alerts on suspicious activity or dangerous conditions. View live camera footage. Frontpoint puts your home’s security at your fingertips and gives you the peace of mind you need to go about your day, knowing Frontpoint’s award winning monitoring system and top quality components have your back, 24/7 day or night.