Complete Whole-home
security. Including  identity
Home Security Packages Starting
at $99* + FREE Doorbell
Camera + FREE Shipping
Complete Whole-home security.Including identity
Home Security Packages Starting
at $99* + FREE Doorbell Camera + FREE Shipping


Since 2007 it has been Frontpoint’s goal to provide customers with leading edge products and to give them the best service possible. Combined with over-the-top customer service, Frontpoint is designed to cater to the needs of the customer. This is what the founders planned for; this is what they wanted the company to be. Chris Villar, Aaron Shumaker, and Peter Rogers saw a gap in the home security industry’s customer service and got to work. They wanted to fill that gap while also taking the lead in providing the best quality equipment. Home security is important and Frontpoint’s founders understand that in order to protect your home you need your security company to be there when you need them most.
Frontpoint has always been dedicated to providing customers with some of the best technology in the industry. They were one of the first home security companies to make the switch from old-school style security systems to implementing cellular technology within their systems. Not only that but they were also the first to combine their do-it-yourself setup security system with their professional monitoring. This move brought about a whole new market in the home security industry.

The most important thing to Frontpoint

The founders instilled within the company that the most important thing to Frontpoint as a whole is the dedication to the customers. No matter how the home security industry changes, this dedication will never change. It is important that they provide customers with the best products and service that they can provide. They want customers to feel well protected by Frontpoint and that they have a safer and smarter home.
Frontpoint lives by a motto that they make sure every employee understands. Build Trust, Dream Big, Be Awesome. The founders wanted their employees to understand that they were important and would be well taken care of. This may not seem like a big deal but when a company takes good care of its employees and keeps them happy, that translates to the customers. It helps ensure that the customers will receive top of the line care anytime they reach out to a Frontpoint employee for help. Customers can rest assured that a company that takes care of its employees will take great care of its customers.

With easy installation that you can do yourself

Whether you just want cameras, sensors to monitor for intruders, sensors to protect against fire, flooding, and carbon monoxide, home automation, or the whole setup, Frontpoint has what you need. The high-quality technology can be mixed and matched to fit your needs and make sure you and your home are protected. You will never have to worry about leaving your home unprotected while you are at work or away on vacation because Frontpoint has you covered day and night. With easy installation that you can do yourself, you don’t have to wait for an installation agent to come and do it for you, and if you need help a Frontpoint agent will happily walk you through the process over the phone.
Frontpoint prides itself in taking care of its customers and that will never change. With top of the line technology and next level customer service, you can make your home safer and smarter knowing you’re in good hands.

Safer, Smarter
Home Security


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