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So what’s the big deal about security cameras? Modern security cameras not only provide you with a sense of safety, knowing your home and property is under observation even when you can’t be there, they also deter potential criminals. Think about it- are you going to try to break into a house that has a security camera right out in the open watching the front door? Probably not. Criminals see security cameras and go looking for easier pickings. And in the rare event that the camera doesn’t scare a thief away, it can confirm his identity, giving police a very good chance at finding them and returning your stolen property.

Indoor cameras provide a whole other dimension of observation- Not only can they help observe and deter potential thieves, they also can give you peace of mind, giving you real-time video of pets, children or elderly relatives that may have to be home without you. And at Frontpoint’s affordable prices, there’s no reason anyone should be without them.

In some cases, insurance companies actually offer lower rates for homeowners with working security systems, so there’s a chance your cameras may quite literally pay for themselves in lower insurances premiums.


With so many choices in the home security market, it can be difficult to choose which company is right for you. However, one look at Frontpoint’s easy do-it-yourself (DIY) installation and no long term contracts, Frontpoint security offers some of the most affordable and easy home security solutions available in today’s market. Couple that with the fact that Frontpoint security packages are easily customizable to include as many or as few wireless components as you want, and it’s easy to see why Frontpoint is the best choice for anyone who wants an easy, customizable home security solution.

With award-winning and highly rated monitoring services available at only $49.99 / month and security cameras as low as $2.42 / month, Frontpoint’s prices are hard to beat, and anyone can create a package that fits their individual needs.


Frontpoint’s indoor camera connects directly to your broadband connection and provides a crystal clear view of whatever you want it to monitor, readily available on your phone tablet or computer. Whether you simply want your home monitored for intruders or you want to keep an eye on your family or pets, an indoor camera can provide the peace of mind you need to go about your day.

With Frontpoint’s indoor camera placed near a wall, you’ll get a wide 113 degree view of any room. With adjustable built-in motion detectors, you can configure when or how often your camera activates. Do you want to know every time something in the room moves? You can do that. Do you only want to know when something big passes directly in front of the camera? You can do that too. Also, Frontpoint’s cameras also feature night vision capabilities, giving you just as much visibility at night as in the day.

Frontpoint’s indoor cameras give you the extra protection and security you want all while keeping your data completely private. All footage from the cameras is stored through an encrypted wireless signal that only you can access. Not only that, but in the event of an emergency, Frontpoint’s indoor cameras come with built in two-way communication, allowing your loved ones to contact you immediately.

If you want to upgrade your experience, Frontpoint’s Premium Indoor Camera. The camera features a full 180 degree view range with amazing 1080p HD resolution, allowing you to observe any room in your home with complete clarity. Not only does it provide an unbelievable view, but it also features on-board Bluetooth speakers and echo-cancelling microphones to make any conversation as clear as if you were standing right there. The camera is also fully adjustable, allowing you the ability to pan or tilt the camera remotely so no corner of the room is hidden from sight. Between the camera’s wide angle views and the clear and clear audio, in the event of an emergency you’ll never be left in the dark about what’s going on.


Outdoor cameras not only deter theft, they observe and report trespassers, they protect your family and valuables, and they provide the information police need to catch criminals in the event of a theft. In short, they are far and away the most useful tools in home security, and Frontpoint offers some of the best on the market. Frontpoint’s outdoor camera offers easy DIY installation and adjustable resolution and a 117 degree view range, so you can immediately view it on any device as soon as you plug it in. Frontpoint’s outdoor cameras are built to withstand anything nature can throw at them- extreme heat and cold, rain, dirt, you name it. Frontpoint’s cameras are built to last. And, just like Frontpoint’s indoor cameras, outdoor cameras offer night vision capabilities so you’ll never fly blind. 


Doorbell cameras are one of the latest innovations in home security. In our modern society, online shopping has become a major source of household goods and a convenient way to have the things you need brought straight to your door. Unfortunately as e-commerce has grown, so has porch-piracy- The act of stealing packages after they are delivered to your doorstep. But fear not- The best deterrent for any criminal is the fear of getting caught, and there’s no surer way to catch a package thief than a Frontpoint doorbell camera.

Frontpoint doorbell cameras are motion activated, meaning as soon as they detect movement, they spring to life and instantly begin recording. You can even choose to receive notification on your phone anytime someone comes within the sensor’s eight foot range so you’ll know your package is delivered or someone is at your door while you’re away.

Frontpoint doorbell cameras can not only help homeowners feel safe during the day but also at night, as they use infrared vision once the sun sets, as well as providing two-way communication with whoever is at your door. Never again will you have to open your door to find out who’s there- your Frontpoint app can show you.


Video Resolution: Frontpoint cameras offer resolution that is second to none, providing you with the highest overall quality footage currently available on the market, whether you’re live streaming or viewing recordings. Many cameras offer different resolutions depending on how high quality your videos need to be and what download speed you need. Frontpoint’s Cameras offer the following recording options:

Video Resolution
Frontpoint Indoor
1920×1080, 1280×800, 640×400, 320×200, 176×144
Frontpoint Outdoor
Doorbell Camera
Premium Indoor Camera


Any security camera is going to need to offer a good distance of view to be effective, allowing you to record an image in good quality even when it's not close to the camera. Indoor cameras are often designed to record anything within their field of view, but outdoor cameras often suffer from limited distances of view. Frontpoint cameras however will capture anything up to 40 feet away.

Weather Resistance:

Frontpoint's indoor and outdoor cameras are tough enough to withstand almost any conditions Earth can throw at them. Frontpoint's outdoor cameras work in temperatures ranging from -4 degrees to 133 degrees fahrenheit (or -20 to 56 celsius). Frontpoint doorbell cameras are even more durable, remaining weatherproof in temperatures as low as -40 degrees. Ultimately, outside of some of the most extreme conditions on Earth, Frontpoints cameras will always provide reliable service, and in the event of extreme weather, Frontpoint cameras can easily be removed and brought in out of the elements.

Motion Detection:

Every Frontpoint camera comes with built-in motion detection capability, and most are adjustable, meaning you can adjust the sensitivity of motion detecting. Frontpoint cameras offer the following motion detection capabilities:

Motion Detection:
Indoor Camera
Offers adjustable detection sensitivity
Indoor Premium Camera
3 levels of detection with adjustable sensitivity limits
Outdoor Camera
3 levels of detection with adjustable sensitivity limits
Doorbell Camera
Eight foot range of motion detection

In addition, all Frontpoint cameras offer customizable recording lengths after motion is detected. Simple motion activation records for 10-40 seconds. System-triggered cameras will record anywhere from 50 to 60 seconds, and alarm-triggered cameras will record for up to 15 minutes, so anytime your security alarm is activated you will get ample footage of what occurred.


How much you’re able to see depends directly on the camera’s field of view. All Frontpoint cameras come standard with an over 100 degree field of view and some offer vertical and horizontal views as well. Frontpoint cameras offer the following fields of view:

Outdoor Camera
117° horizontal
Doorbell Camera
180° horizontal
Indoor Camera
113° horizontal
Indoor Premium Camera
: 180° horizontal and vertical

Data Encryption:

Frontpoint values your privacy and we go out of our way to make sure that your video footage remains out of the hands of anyone but yourself. All Frontpoint cameras use wireless encryption to upload and protect your footage, meaning any video from your cameras is essentially unhackable and only viewable by you. This feature is especially important for Frontpoint’s indoor cameras, so anything that happens in your house remains for your eyes only.


The Frontpoint app gives you access to all your camera footage 24/7, and cloud storage guarantees it will be there when you need it regardless of what happens to your home. The Frontpoint Ultimate Monitoring plan also gives you peace of mind knowing that even when you can’t watch your house, Frontpoint’s award winning security team is.

Once you sign up, you can use the Frontpoint app to view streaming footage in real time from your camera or cameras, as well as recorded footage and you can view motion-triggered alerts. The Frontpoint app also allows you to remote control cameras and it gives you access to the two-way talk feature available on most Frontpoint cameras, so you can speak directly with visitors through your camera. 


Every Frontpoint security package comes with at least one camera, plus you can customize your package, adding indoor or outdoor cameras to suit your individual needs. Frontpoint’s entry level package begins at only $99, and additional cameras begin as low as $2.84 / month, so Frontpoint security cameras are an imminently affordable addition to your home security system.

In addition, Frontpoint offers a completely risk-free 30 day free trial, and if you’re not completely satisfied with any component of your security system, you can send it back for a complete refund. Frontpoint’s monitoring package is billed on a monthly basis with no long-term contracts and no cancellation fee, so you have virtually nothing to lose by trying Frontpoint.


All Frontpoint’s monitoring is done through its Ultimate Monitoring Package. The Ultimate Monitoring Package not only grants you the ability to watch live streaming footage from your home cameras, it also grants access to video clip storage. Frontpoint Monitoring also provides access to geo-services, Frontpoint Smartlock control, as well as allowing you to remotely position your cameras.


Frontpoint’s cameras are designed to be easy to install. We provide an easy setup guide with your camera, tailored to your setup needs. We provide a convenient phone number that will put you into contact with one of our Customer Care installation experts who will be more than happy to walk you through the process. Our goal, as always, is to make your Frontpoint experience as user-friendly as possible.

For indoor cameras, its as easy as finding the ideal position, plugging the camera in and syncing it to your home wireless network. Indoor cameras do not require mounting, but we do include mounting kits in case that’s what you prefer. Mounting is recommended for outdoor cameras to work most efficiently,though not required to work. The mounting kit puts your outdoor cameras out of harms way, allowing you to suspend the camera overhead to get the best view of the area it surveys. Doorbell cameras require mounting, and a kit is provided with the camera. 


Frontpoint offers cameras that are above the industry standard in every way- weather resistance, video quality, viewpoint, motion detection, you name it. There is very little that you could want out of a home security system that Frontpoint does not offer, and Frontpoint cameras can do everything that competitors’ models can do plus more in many cases.

So what’s stopping you? Visit for more information today and give Frontpoint security a try.